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Baby Blue Eyes 2LP + Digital

Frank Sinatra always saluted his audience with a toast: “May You Live To Be A Hundred And The Last Voice You Hear Be Mine.” Envisioned as a child’s first musical library to be shared with the generations before, Tina Sinatra has curated a special compilation of Sinatra recordings for children and parents alike. On April 6, Universal Music Group will release on 2LP 180g vinyl - Frank Sinatra: Baby Blue Eyes… May The First Voice You Hear Be Mine.

After combing the songs from Sinatra’s Reprise, Capitol and Sony catalogs, Tina carefully chose 20 songs for ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ that express a father’s love, compassion, and dreams for children around the world. Featuring a baby photo of Sinatra on its cover, the collection will be available on CD, digital download, and 2LP

1. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby
2. Ain't She Sweet
3. It’s A Wonderful World
4. Isn’t She Lovely
5. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

1. Pocketful Of Miracles
2. I Believe
3. It’s Only A Paper Moon
4. High Hopes
5. Jeepers Creepers

1. Pennies From Heaven
2. How Cute Can You Be?
3. A Baby Just Like You
4. Bein’ Green
5. Hush-A-Bye-Island

1. Fairy Tale
2. Young At Heart
3. Dream
4. Put Your Dreams Away
5. Cradle Song (Brahms Lullaby)